Unfinished Oak Boards 20.5mm

Engineered 20.5mm, 6mm Top Layers. Up to 400mm width

Rustic Grade

Character grade with sound knots
to approximately 60mm.
Colour variation & filled knots.
Available in all widths.


Solid Oak Block

22mm thickness 230mm, 280mm
(to older) or 350mm lengths &
20mm wide


Versailles Oak

Continuous Versailles Unfinished.
Minimum order quanitity 50m2


Select Grade

Knots up to approximately 20mm
smaller filled knots and
light markings.


Oak Mosaic Parquet

7mm unfinished panel size 480x480


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for different surface finishes

Prime Grade

Clear Veneer grade boards.
Pin knots allowed
up to 5mm.


Engineered Oak Blocks

20.5mm Available in Standard
Pattern or Hungarian
Point Chevron