Douglas Fir

This beautiful Eastern European wood is available in Unfinished, Prefinished White & Extra White Textured


20mm Thickness
6mm Top Layer
Widths Available:
180mm, 250mm & 300mm


28mm & 35mm Thickness
WIDTHS AVAILABLE: 250mm, 300mm, 350mm & 400mm
Select & Rustic

Exquisite Douglas Fir Planks for exceptional wooden floors

We source the best, slow growing trees that are at least 200 years old with diameters in excess of 50cm, from responsible forestry in the Black Forest of Germany. Our solid boards are available in extraordinary lengths of up to 15 meters long.

Room Lengths

Room length floorboards are the crown of all floors. Originally used in castles, churches and other grand buildings, the spacious and inviting effect of these full length floorboards looks good in any house or apartment alike.

Random Lengths

Random length floorboards consist of standard lengths from 1-5m. These random lengths gaurantee an optimal yield of raw material. You choose which lengths suit your project and your aesthetic taste best.

  • Lye & Extra White
  • Lye & Floor Soap White
  • Lye & Natural Oil
  • Lye & White Oil

Colours achieved with Woca products finished on site, please ask for further details on our Woca products.

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